Ryan Breheney
Co-founder and Life Extraordinaire

Ryan Breheney was born and raised in the Himalayas by a pack of feral dogs. He can predict earth quakes and is rumored to be a very talented hog-whisperer.


Ricky Maestrelli

Ricky Maestrelli only has 2 songs on his iPod: The first is the Star Spangled Banner and the other one came with it. His father was a world famous astronaut and his mother was rumored to be the great granddaughter of Betsy Ross. He was knighted at age 7, received his black belt by age 9, and completed his Doctorate degree in nuclear physics by age 12. The movies “Good Will Hunting” and “Rambo” are loosely based on his life.


President, CEO, Treasurer

One might look at Captain and see his fine custom tailored suite and his presidential Rolex and think he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. That assumption, while understandable, would be dead wrong. Captain came from very humble beginnings. Prior to becoming the big shot CEO he is today, he was a living paycheck to paycheck working as a lion impersonator on the Las Vegas strip. In 2008, he was involved in a large scale puppy-trafficking operation that led him to a life on the run.

Captain now sits atop the “Puppy Fortune 500” as the first ever K-9 billionaire. A very unlikely outcome all things considered.

Captain lives by one motto “work hard, play harder”. Some consider him to be the K-9 version of Dan Balzerian and Hugh Hefner combined. Keep an eye out for him on the next season of “The Bachelor” and his upcoming Netflix docuseries “Pup on the Run: Press Paws”.

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